First documented record of the Planalto Tyrannulet (Phyllomyias fasciatus) in the Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil




distribution, Atlantic Forest, f. Tyrannidae, genus Phyllomyias


We report the first record of the Planalto Tyrannulet (Phyllomyias fasciatus) in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. This species was observed in the Nísia Floresta National Forest, on the east coast of the state, on October 14, 2022. The record is important to update the state's species list and can help in the search for new populations in the region.


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Salustio-Gomes, C., Oliveira-Júnior, D. D., Paz, R. V. da, Lima-Santos, C. S., & Pichorim, M. (2023). First documented record of the Planalto Tyrannulet (Phyllomyias fasciatus) in the Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Science, 2(11), 60–64.



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